Speed Stick Deodorant Review and Coupon

I’ve used the Speed Stick deodorant for many¬† years now.

The new variants which are coming in the market are not that special. However I’m using this product for too long now and have now gotten used to it. It also is subtle as it doesn’t give me a rash or something. About a year ago, it started disappearing from stores. For a while, I could only find it in one certain Walgreens, and then it was gone altogether.

For some buying a 6-pack may seem sort of ridiculous but since with the use of speed stick coupons I was able to get a good discount, I figured it was a good deal and I’d just stock up to avoid needing to hunt for it for a good long time.

speed stick deodorant review

The product that arrived looks extremely similar, but it’s just called “Fresh”, not “Active Fresh”, and the packaging and slogans are subtly different. It smells more or less the same, so I’m going to assume that it’s just renamed for some reason. (Marking dept: “‘Active Fresh’ is so 80’s, that ‘Active’ part really doesn’t fly with the kids these days”???) Maybe they should have just named it “Fraaaaash”. Hahaha

Anyway, what I *think* is the both are same products but the later one is with a new name. This recent model smells decent and I must say a tad stronger than the previous one but doesn’t burn. I’ll stick with this scent for as long as it’s available.